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Tara Devotional Project


Tara Devotional Project - Fontain Riddle
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Listen to music composed by Fontain's M.U.S.E. created for the Tara Devotional Project. This is a collaboration with cultural dance ensamble

House of Inanna


House of Inanna performed at Clockwork Alchemy, Lumina Obscur and Tribal Fest

Tribal Fest™ is the west coast's biggest belly dance festival that focuses on tribal style belly dance.

Tribal Fest runs May 13-18.

House of Inanna likes to say that we balance the sacred with the silly. This year, after a few years of wonton silliness, we get back to the sacred, as well as my roots as a ritualist and temple dancer and honor a rare thing: a Female Boddhisattva. We honor her by dancing her and telling a story of a lost soul who becomes Tara through focus, combined compassion for herself and others. The other "roots" (trees never have just one) of our plan include our use of ATS/ITS, hearkening back to our gratitude for Carolena's invention, combined with what other teachers have taught us, especially regarding prop usage. HOI


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